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     ►About Marty ...  I've worked 44 years word of mouth. I moved into a wonderful new location with easy parking and am just now starting my first website. Please stay tuned for updates as I gather the best information to let you learn more about me. I love my career as a Trager® Practitioner & Massage Therapist. In 1980 when I met Deane Juhan at Esalen Institute in Big Sur California, I had no idea my life would take such a wonderful turn into being able to train with Dean and lucky enough to train with Milton Trager, MD for many years. I continue to grow and develop in my education and personal development. 

     ►Discover Mentastics & soft balls... Milton Trager coined the word "Mentastics" as mental gymnastics. I have taught Mentastics in person, on Zoom and mostly during Trager sessions. Clients learn to free their tension, release old patterns of movement and improve their daily movement for greater ease, pain relief and increased body awareness with delight. These movements are an extraordinary self care technique. Soft balls can relieve many layers of tension, headaches and give relief from pain in ways I never imagined. 

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